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Getting Started

Your Building Process

Quality from start to finish. We are with you every step of the way to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Step 1 - Planning

Determine building size, design and location.

First, we will talk with you about your project and help you figure out building size and options that are appropriate for the purpose of your building and work for your site location. We will then create a custom quote for you.

A site visit will be scheduled before a contract is signed to confirm feasibility of the site for access and building your project. We can provide small metal samples to choose building colors. Once building design and location are confirmed, a contract is signed, and down payment is collected. We'll then create an official floor plan and put you in the schedule.

Step 2 - Permitting

All buildings will need a permit, but requirements can vary. 

Next, we will need to obtain a building permit. You will need to check with your township to determine what the requirements are- if construction drawings with an engineered truss drawing is adequate or if all drawings need stamped by an engineer.

Step 3 - Site Prep

A level pad and accessibility are key to prepare for construction.

Once a building permit is obtained, then your site needs to be leveled before construction begins either by you or a contractor that you hire. You can talk with your construction manager to learn more about this step.

Step 4 - Construction

The crew will arrive to turn your plans into reality.

Call us when your building site is ready and you have the building permit so we can stay on schedule. We will then establish the exact start date and begin the build.

It is important you are present on the first day when the crew arrives to validate location. Be aware they will be bringing various equipment with them such as work trailer and lifts that may stay on site during the project. We will remove all trash at the end of the build to leave you with a cleaned up site and brand new building you can enjoy.

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